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Copper Compression Socks

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  • New Copper Infusion Technology
  • Double Effective – Graduate Compression and Copper Fibre
  • Maximum Swelling Reduction
  • Boost Blood Circulation
  • For Athletes, Pregnant Women, Travelers, Diabetes, Long Standing Periods etc.
  • Easy to wear 24/7



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New Compression Technology for better, faster results


We are all used to compression socks. They exist in all kinds of styles and variations. Some of them work, others just don’t. People wear compression socks and stockings mainly for comfort, to do better in sports and to help prevent serious medical conditions.

Basically, compression gear improves your blood flow, lesses pain and reduces swellings in your legs. They are perfect for you if you are suffering from diabetes, DVT, varicose veins, if you have just gotten surgery, if you are tied to your bed or have a hard time moving without pain. Additionally they are a great help if you need to stand, walk or move all day, if you’re an athlete, runner or hiker, pregnant or spend long times on airplanes, buses or just in your car.

Behind the scenes, scientists have developed a brand new technology, that enhances all of those features and combines them with all the negative factors, common compression socks have to deal with. The secret is…

Copper Infused Fibre

After years of research experts have eventually found out, that copper has various benefits on the human body.

Copper is a natural occurring material that the body is meant to get in contact with. It even is an element of the human body itself. So you are serving your body really well if you put on these Copper Compression Socks in many ways. Despite all of these overwhelming amounts of benefits, these socks still get dirty from time to time. But seriously, you don’t need to worry about this…

Machine Washable

Our Copper Compression Socks are, of course, washable in every washing machine on the market.

Don´t hesitate and make sure to order your pair of our Copper Compression Socks today and you can still benefit form our free shipping promotion as long as it still lasts. Revive and energize your tired and achy feet now!

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Black, White, Beige


S/M (5-9), L/XL (9.5-13)

13 reviews for Copper Compression Socks

  1. Marta

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  4. Cathy

    I have a question. Has anyone you know of tried these for some relief from the symptoms of restless leg syndrome? What size should i order if I wear a size 8 shoe? Thanks
    I had to select a rating to submit. It is not a true rating because I haven’t tried the product????

  5. Christine Knapp

    I’ve tried several different brands of compression socks (including a doctor recommended brand) to try and ease the pain and swelling I have in feet. These popped up on my desktop one day so I figured after reading the reviews I would give them a try for the price. They are great !!! I am so friggin happy I purchased more. I can now walk and stand so much longer without pain or swelling. I have no idea if it’s the copper or not, all I know is they work and are inexpensive compared to other compression socks.

  6. Charles Brown

    Best thing I have purchased in years. I can run again. I thought I was throwing my money away but man these makes my feet and ankles feel great. The weird part is after wearing them all day, my feet are cold. Usually when you take your socks off your feet are pretty hot and sweaty. But mine are cold. That lets me know that something is happening with circulation I guess. Don’t know the science, I just know my feet don’t hurt!

  7. Vivian Elzy

    These compression socks are the best. I had fluid in my legs swelling prior to wearing these socks the swelling has subsided in my legs. These are better than the compression stockings that the Doctor Office have me a prescription. I bought two pair. They make my legs feel so good. I’m a Nurse and on my feet 12 hours daily usually. The Doctor took me off of my Lasix which is a strong water pill. I can’t stop telling everyone about these socks.You want regret purchasing these socks.

  8. Jerry Hernandez

    They are great they have nearly stopped all the swelling in feet and stopped all the pain as well!

  9. Bertha Weaver

    I am type 1 diabetic, the socks as helped with the circulation in my feet. They have reduced the pain I fell at night when it cold. I would recommend the socks to anyone with circulation problems with their feet.

  10. Dean Bryant

    I have several pairs of compression socks but I am always looking to find something better. This was a homerun. They have good compression, more so then light compression socks, but I can put them on myself. The material is very good, will last for a lot of wearings, I don’t know how much the copper helps, but I know it doesn’t hurt, my feet feel good, my legs feel good and it will last, can’t ask for much more. Oh and the fit is right. I am a 12 shoe size and these (L/XL) fit perfect. Large calf, fit is right.

  11. Alan Tyalor

    These socks work great as a compression sock. I bought several pair and rotate through daily with hand-washing or machine washing and hang dry in between. I usually wear a normal pair of thin socks underneath. They seem to be holding up well.

    I don’t feel as beat up after standing on my feet all day and I have remarkably less fluid retention in my lower legs and feet. This effect seems to last into the weekend even when I don’t wear the socks. I haven’t compared to a “non-copper” version so I cannot speak to the effectiveness of those claims.

  12. Bobby Hicks

    These socks are even better than expected. They make my feet and legs feel wonderful. Completely eliminated swelling on the first day. Difficult to put on, as expected, but practice is helping. Purchasing a second pair!

  13. Veronica Kirwan

    Extremely comfortable and very easy to put on and pull off. I spend 12 plus hours on my feet and they really have reduced the pain and feeling of tired feet that I had before to barely noticeable. Use them on all my long flights and my feet feel better and less swollen after being on flights for more than 8 hours.

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