50 Sewing/Quilting Clips

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  • Large holding capacity and built in seam allowance markings allow you to align materials ahead of time and easily create flawless seams
  • Better than Pins: Thanks to the flat bottom of these wonder clips, you can hold your materials in place the whole time, as you sew all the way to the presser foot
  • Replace your old pins and never poke your fingers or damage your materials again, you can now sew safely with these must have clips
  • Makes the job easy  Bright red color, not easy to lose, easy to find…..

Color: Red
Material: PVC + metal
Size: about 1 inch x 0.6 inch approx.

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1 review for 50 Sewing/Quilting Clips

  1. Rosaria Douglas

    Great clips that I love for quilting. The small clips work well for binging, grouping components of block, and for paper. The large ones are great for clipping together larger stacks like all of one particular block of the quilt and they do it without distorting or wrinkling the fabric. This was my second order with the first being a container of the small clips. Quickly I realized how well they worked and wanted more small ones and the large ones as well.

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